a lot of people have now pointed out that they think i’ve lost weight, i’m literally delighted!!! i’m going to weigh myself on the 8th november, i’m hoping to have lost ~10-15lbs and also i’m starting squats and crunches to minimise stomach and butt cellulite (that stuff sucks) so yeah just a lil update x 🍏 stay healthy dudes


I might not have an access to a fully equipped gym. I might not have money to buy loads of supplements. I might not have the genetics that most people are gifted with. But I am sure as hell going to work hard to be the best.

coming to uni has been so good for me i’m eating waaay better, i walk for 40 mins uphill each day at least and i’m so excited to go home this weekend and weigh myself. hopefully lost like 3lbs?